National Glass Museum

Leerdam - Zuid-Holland

In 1958 a documentary has been filmed to explain the glass production process.

Childhood memory: my Mum used to have a similar one, made of clear glass.

Vulnerable hearing

Having a clear view

Identical shapes of glass combined with materials such as coffee, sand or oil provides a variety of effects.

Stained glass reminds most of us of church windows depicting religious scenes, but this century old technique can be used without a doubt as well to create  the most beautiful abstracts.

Leerdam is known for its glass for years and years. This reputation started at the beginning of the 20th century when P.M. Cochius started as the General Manager of the Leerdam Glass Factory (now known as Royal Leerdam Crystal). Cochius was not thrilled about the dull and inanimate pieces of glass; he envisaged bringing affordable and well designed glassware to market. To realize his dream, he invited in 1915 the architect K.P.C. de Bazel to design artistically acceptable glassware. Bazel was followed by a long line of well-known architects who dramatically changed the image of glassware.

Detailed information on glass blowing techniques can be found on following page.

Followed by a more artistic impression of glass production which won an Oscar in 1960.