Organ Museum

Elburg - Gelderland

The National Organ Museum provides an insight in the history of the Dutch (pipe) organs. The pipe organ is one of the oldest instruments that have been preserved in both the Netherlands as well as Europe.

In the museum playable organs, ranging from 18th century portable organs to organs from the years 1950-1980.

This pipe organ can be found in the Convent of St. Agnes in Elburg.

Tuning horns

The bagpipe is related to the organ as a air reservoir feeds multiple pipes. This instrument was common in Europe during the Middle Ages. As a child I wanted to learn to play the bagpipe but my parents were dead against. I still have a soft spot for it.

The museum itself was built as a city castle for the Duke of Gelre in 1393-1396. The house was sold to the city of Elburg in 1400 and served a Town Hall until 1954. Many medieval elements are preserved, such as vaults, beamed ceilings, original fireplaces and tiled floors.

An enormous chamber organ in a multi-colored  (Art Deco) organ-case is located in the former town prison.