X-mas Deco

Many popular customs associated with Christmas developed independently of the commemoration of Jesus' birth, with certain elements having origins in pre-Christian festivals that were celebrated around the winter solstice by pagan populations who were later converted to Christianity.


Christmas traditions vary country by country and not all go back in time to the same extend.

Our current Christmas tree was developed in early modern Germany by devout Christians. It acquired popularity beyond Germany, during the second half of the 19th century, at first among the upper classes.


The first ornaments were colored paper roses, sweetmeats, tinsel and apples. Nowadays Christmas tree decorations have become a yearly changing fashion item. Luckely, we can choose not to follow this trend.

We cannot argue about taste. And the more exuberant the ready made decorations get, the more I tend to abide with traditional ones. Combined with some self made items.


For 2019 the decision has been taken to skip the tree and go full blown for the creative set-up, either well thoughtout or copied in an excellent way..... who cares as long as it enhances the seasonal spirit.